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These answers on frequently asking questions may help you with JAICF applications development.

1. What is JAICF?

JAICF (Just AI Conversational Framework) is a Kotlin-based framework for building of conversational applications like Alexa or Google Assistant voice skills, telephony assistants or text chat bots for Slack, Facebook and others platforms.

JAICF is not an NLU service. It handles a dialogue management and provides an architecture to use any third-party NLU, channels and environments. Also it provides a powerful DSL for dialogues building.

2. Is it free?

Yes, JAICF is under Apache 2.0 license enabling you to use it even in commercial projects.

3. What are key features of JAICF?

JAICF is built on massive experience of Just AI engineers and includes features that dramatically simplifies the building of conversational apps.

4. How to start using?

There is a Quick Start that shows how it’s easy to start building with JAICF. Introduction section describes all features and principles of JAICF in details.

5. How to install?

JAICF is a Kotlin framework that requires you to only include some dependencies to your Gradle or Maven project to start development.

6. How to report an issue?

You can report any issue or feature request here or join to our Slack community to ask developers directly.

7. Where manuals and docs are living?

Here you can find a comprehensive JAICF documentation that covers all features and tools. JAICF also provides a Javadocs for every public interfaces and functions.

8. What languages does JAICF support?

JAICF is not an NLU service, it works with any third-party NLU service and language.

9. Where JAICF can be ran?

JAICF is the same Kotlin framework as many others. Thus applications based on JAICF can be ran on any environment that can run JVM.

On development stage JAICF can be ran locally right on your PC for debugging purposes and then been deployed to any cloud or even be ran on Android device.

10. How to contribute to JAICF?

JAICF is free and open-source. Thus there are many ways how you can contribute to JAICF including issue posting, bug fixing and others.

11. Is there any community?

Yes, we’re glad to see you in our Slack community where you can ask any JAICF-related questions and be in touch with the latests releases.