Rasa NLU activator

Allows to use Rasa AI NLU engine as a states activator in JAICF.

How to use

NLU server template

We provide a ready to use Rasa NLU server template that can be ran on the Heroku cloud with a single click. This simplifies the process of Rasa NLU server installation and provides a way to update NLU model as well.


1. Include Rasa dependency to your build.gradle


Replace $jaicfVersion with the latest version

2. Use Rasa activator in your scenario actions

state("launch") {
    activators {

    action {
        // Recognised named entities
        val slots = activator.rasa?.slots

3. Create and run Rasa NLU

Create your NLU model that includes intents and named entities you need. There is a great tutorial that shows how to install and run Rasa NLU models.

Then you have to train and run NLU only server and obtain its public URL (using ngrok for example).

4. Configure Rasa activator

Then you have to provide your Rasa public URL in the activator’s configuration:

val helloWorldBot = BotEngine(
    scenario = HelloWorldScenario,
    activators = arrayOf(