ActivatorContext contains an activator-related details of every request and is available through activator variable in action block.

A corresponding activator that handled a user’s request generates its class instance. An activator-related instance could be achieved through a null-safe extension of the corresponding activator. For example:

state("helper") {
    state("ask4name") {
        activators {

        action {
            var name: String? = null

            activator.dialogflow?.run {
                name = slots.fieldsMap["name"]?.stringValue
            activator.alexaIntent?.run {
                name = slots["firstName"]?.value
            activator.catchAll?.run {
                name = request.input

            if (name.isNullOrBlank()) {
                reactions.say("Sorry, I didn't get it. Could you repeat please?")
            } else {

In general this class contains only a confidence field with value between 0 and 1. It shows a confidence of the recognised user’s intent. For event and query requests it is always 1.

Each activator specifies its own implementation of this class appending additional activator-related fields like slots for intent activators like AlexaIntentActivatorContext or groups in RegexActivatorContext that is generated by RegexActivator.

Learn more about activators here.